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Along for the Ride

An Interview with Kris & Allison Maguire

In December of 2012, Clement Arts had the honor of supporting Kris & Allison Maguire’s adoption from China. We were just launching our organization, and the timing was perfect for the Maguires to be the first “Clement Family.” We could not have launched our work beside a better couple. The Maguire’s have two daughters: Ellie (photo: left) and Kate (photo: right). We recently caught up with Kris & Allison to see what life in their family has been like over the last year. 

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In the Beginning (or, What Hath a Priest To Do With Comics?)

By Jeff Jackson

If you ever get the chance to converse with Jeff Jackson over soup and a sandwich at 12th Street Deli, I say you should take it. What you will learn is that Jeff is a lover of all sorts of things, an eclectic bunch of things that seem disconnected at first: the beauty of nature, comic books and graphic novels, the people of St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Hamilton, GA, and indie music even you hipsters have never heard of. But keep listening and you’ll find that the source of his love for all of those things is his love for Jesus Christ, who took on flesh and came into a world filled with all our eccentricities. Jeff has blogged often about the relationship between comics and religion, and he does so in a way that engages readers wherever we may fall in the spectrum of belief in God. He now joins the Clement Arts blog to continue the conversation.  –Brad

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