Monthly Archives: April 2014
Spider-Man and the Burden of Guilt

By Jeff Jackson

Everyone loves Spider-Man. Well, I’m sure most of you do. Perhaps the reason Spider-Man is such a popular character is because of the reader’s ability to relate to him. We have all experienced juggling too many jobs, or not having enough money to pay for things, or relationship issues. Or maybe we’ve been trashed publicly by someone when we know that we were in the right. When we see Spidey struggling to do these things on top of saving the world, it provides a connecting point to each of us and we immediately know what it must feel like to have the weight of the world on our shoulders.

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What I Am Learning From Our First Year of Fostering

by Brad Griffith

On April 3, 2014, my wife and I will have been official foster parents for one year. We have had only one placement in our home, a little girl who was nine months old at the time. We are now preparing for her to transition from our home to a biological family member over the coming weeks. Here are just a few lessons I am in the process of learning from our first year and experience as foster parents.

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