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Accomplished by God

An Interview with Virginia Crutchfield

Kyle and Virginia Crutchfield are adoptive parents living in Columbus, GA. Tarana Caroline, 8 years old, is their only child. Kyle is in the Army Reserves and currently attends CSU. Virginia is director/instructor at The Campus at Columbus, a new private school in town, also a consultant for Rodan+Fields skincare. The couple grew up in Alabama, Virginia in Troy and Kyle in Daphne. They have lived in Columbus for four years, originally stationed here with the Army, and have stayed for the community, especially the adoption community.

Clement Arts caught up with Virginia to find out more about their adoption experience. 

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Curating Through Community (or, A Little Help From My Friends)

by Robert Ward

Before I go any further, I should confess that I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to great “literature.” High-school English classes were a nightmare for me early on, mainly because I did not know that fictional stories and novels were about more than characters and dialogue. As you can imagine, this confusion led me to hate the so-called “classics,” which always felt like they were *hint-hint-nudge-nudge*-ing me to think about something which was not all that clear from a cursory glance at the text.

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