About Us

The word clement means “an inclination to mercy.” The foundation of mercy laid for Clement Arts extends in two directions, one vertical and one horizontal.

Vertical Mercy: God’s Salvation in Jesus

We at Clement Arts understand that God has been merciful to us in many ways. Although we had turned from God, alienating ourselves from Him and storing up for ourselves His just punishment for our sins, God sent Jesus to redeem through His work on the cross all those who will turn from their sins and trust in Him. In His great mercy, God has lavished His great love upon us, bringing those who were once outsiders into His family as adopted sons and daughters.

(1 Peter 1:3, John 1:12-13, Ephesians 1:5-7, 1 John 3:1)

Horizontal Mercy: Adoption and Orphan Care

As a response to the mercy we have received, we are called to be children of mercy. Jesus calls us to serve “the least of these,” which includes widows and orphans. Adoption is a calling that many families receive, a calling that both blesses families and causes them to be a blessing, a calling which is no less than a picture of the gospel of Jesus. While not every family receives the call of adoption, every family and individual can display God’s mercy through orphan care, acts great or small that work toward the care and rescue of children without families. Accordingly, Clement Arts connects adoptive families with the larger community of mercy, together displaying God’s mercy by rescuing orphans into these loving families and communities.

(Matthew 25:40, James 1:27, Micah 6:8)

 How Does Clement Arts help adoptive families?

Established in 2012, Clement Arts provides ongoing opportunities for the community to financially support families in the process of adoption. Many of these opportunities for support are created through the arts, specifically through Clement Artists: artists, musicians, and writers who exercise their gifts as acts of mercy. Through concerts, art shows, and other events, Clement Arts both encourages orphan care and enables community members to support adoptive families in their midst.

Clement Arts also provides resources through “Clement Patrons” – churches, businesses, or individuals who support the work of Clement Arts through single donations or through ongoing relationships.

How can adoptive families request support from Clement Arts?

Families interested in seeking support from Clement Arts for their adoption are encouraged to contact us through the online form on our contact page.

How can I support the work of Clement Arts?

First, we hope that you will sign up for our email newsletter so that we can keep you informed of Clement Arts news and events as well as tangible ways that you can get involved. Second, please consider whether you, your church, or your business can serve as a Clement Patron, financial sponsors of our work for adoptive families. We very much appreciate your support.