Worship in Painting

An Interview with Gina Hurry

We are excited to have Gina Hurry join us this year for Poets, Painters, & Storytellers 2016. Gina is an artist from Birmingham, Alabama, who strives to reflect the heart of God through her art. We spoke with Gina about how God reveals Himself to her through painting and why she is excited to be a part of this event.

Gina Hurry

CA: When did you first know you loved painting, and what drew you to that art form?

Gina: I’ve been an “artist” for as long as I can remember. My first “painting” memory was marking the walls of our family home with my mother’s lipstick when I was two or three years old. I grew up at the feet of other artists in their studios and can’t remember a time when I was not painting and responding to life this way. I was drawn to painting as an expression and also as a way to pour out and process my heart and feelings in a more abstract, subversive way since my family was not drawn to processing openly.

CA: How does God reveal Himself to you through your craft?

Gina: God is good to reveal himself to me in the process. Most times the process is hard and messy and humbling, but it seems He allows me the freedom to wrestle and create by faith, and He brings me to the end of myself as I stumble into finding the completion of each piece.

My “craft” begins in my mind, which is stirred through the world around me: in nature, worship, corporate prayer, reading scripture, conversations with friends, and life experiences. My imagination is stirred as I listen to life. I see His kindness and beauty in all of these things, and many times I’m inspired to respond with paint.

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A “20 Year” Wait

An Interview with Ashley (and Lola) Greenway

We were very excited to hear recently that Brandon and Ashley Greenway completed the adoption of their daughter, Lottie Kate. Clement Arts supported the Greenway adoption with our Parables kids concert in the fall of 2014. Since then, Brandon and Ashley had a long wait to be matched with a birth mother and child. We spoke with Ashley (and bio daughter, Lola) about the long-awaited adoption. 

Lottie Kate GreenwayCA: When did your family begin the adoption process? What led you to the desire to adopt?

Ashley: Brandon and I both had hearts for adoption. When we were dating in high school and knew we were going to get married, we discussed building a family and adopting. We started the process in April of 2014.

CA: How was Clement Arts able to help you during your adoption process?

Ashley: Clement Arts has helped us in both emotional and financial ways with the fundraiser that was held towards the beginning of our process, along with the surprise that whole experience provided. The emotional help was probably more important to us, since the fact that we were chosen was awe inspiring in itself. Any time we would feel like it was taking too long or that we weren’t getting chosen and started to lose hope, we would use that experience as proof that we were doing God’s will and that he was supporting us the whole way. We really felt like we just sat back and watched God work through Clement Arts. The whole experience has been such a blessing and very humbling.
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Why We Serve Children Through the Arts

by Brad Griffith

There are many ways to love people. There are many ways to serve others, to exercise the gifts you have been given, to invest in someone else’s life. At Clement Arts, we are called to serve children and their families. In particular, we are called to serve children who need families as well as the families in which they are embraced. We perform this service, in love, through the arts.

Why the arts?

Here are five reasons why the arts are the best way we know how to love and serve children and families.

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No Tracks in the Desert

by Brad Griffith

Where are you going, Abraham?

“I don’t know.”

It wasn’t because he lacked a GPS. It wasn’t because he was too stubborn to ask for directions. Abraham and his wife, Sarah, had packed their bags and forsook the security of a familiar place and a comfortable life without any clue about a destination or where they would lay their heads at night. They did this, not in search of fame or riches (though they would find both), but because a voice in the darkness had said, “Go to a land I will show you.” It wasn’t just any voice. It was, as Andrew Peterson sings, a voice of love and thunder deep. It was the kind of voice you can’t ignore, because to hear it is to be changed by it. It was the voice of the God who created the heavens and the earth, now creating a new life for them both. Abraham may not have known where he was going, but there was no denying the call.

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