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By Brad Griffith

I am
a small speck of sand
of Abraham and no one
One among the countless ones
Uncounted, unaccounted

I am
a pin point of light
pricked on accident it seems
in some corner of canvas
of ever-expanding night

I know not how, sojourner,
you saw, nor why, star-gazer,
you cradled me in your hand

Is a granule a great world
with grand canyons and peaks and
vast ocean deeps to explore?

Is a beam of light some bright
burning ball all ferocious
and fair in life-giving blaze?

I am
no world and no sun
Yet you count me your own, and
I am – solid, fertile, bright? –
I know not what, only that

I am
not what I would be
had you not searched sand and sky
and said to one orphan child
of millions, “You are wanted”