Parables VBS Curriculum

A VBS That's Inexpensive, Gospel-Saturated, & Supports Adoption

With the Parables VBS curriculum from Clement Arts, get ready to have a lot of fun sharing the good news of Jesus with kids in your church and community! In addition, your purchase of these materials will be used to support the cause of orphan care through Clement Arts.

The Gospel

We believe the gospel should be the standard “curriculum” for every VBS. If the gospel isn’t present, if our children aren’t introduced to the Jesus we find in the Bible, we aren’t truly stewarding the young hearts God has given to us. Jesus died to save sinners. There’s no more important lesson than that, and none more practical — the gospel applies to every circumstance our children face! That’s why each day at Parables VBS your children are presented with the gospel. There’s no buildup to a gospel presentation on day four or day five. Rather, each day your students will be presented with the life changing news of what Jesus did on the cross to rescue sinners!


We also believe that gospel ministry will never dead-end on ourselves but impact lives in our local congregations, the wider community, and even across the globe. For this reason, proceeds generated by this curriculum go to local Christian families caring for orphans through adoption. You won’t find this feature in any other curriculum. Clement Arts is able to do this because all of the personnel who created and designed this curriculum did so by donating their time and talent in support of orphan care.

Curriculum Features

  • Parable VBSOpening Bible Skits
  • Step by Step, Interactive Lessons
  • Explorer Labs
  • Original Choreographed Music
  • Indoor & Outdoor Games
  • Crafts
  • Creative Snacks
  • Multimedia Options
  • Powerpoint Slides & Chord Charts
  • Director & Rotation Leader Guides
  • Training Videos for Music, Explorer Labs, & Crafts


“The Parables curriculum is some of the best I have used. It is easily adapted for any size church or group. The way the curriculum brings the Bible to life is evidence that a lot of prayer and thought went into creating this wonderful journey through the parables. The curriculum doesn’t just tell a story, it provides children with applicable lessons for life. I highly recommend you utilize this great curriculum in your ministry.”
Clint Strickland, Minister to Families with Children
Morningside Baptist Church

“As a pastor, I am always on the look-out for Gospel-centered resources to use in our church. The Parables VBS Curriculum is exactly that! The songs are excellent, the activities are fun, and the entire package works together to point kids to Jesus. On top of that, the proceeds go to help orphans be welcomed into loving homes. Our kids loved it, and I highly recommend it.”
Mitch McGinnis, Pastor
Westminster Presbyterian Church

“We used Parables VBS curriculum at Camp Joy to share the love of Christ with over 600 children during Summer 2015. This was the most versatile and comprehensive curriculum Camp Joy has ever used. The activities contained helpful tips on how to fit them for our campers specifically, with our small budget and campers who are often very unfamiliar with the Bible. Our campers loved the activities, and our counselors loved how smoothly the activities correlated with our daily gospel truths. This curriculum is built on solid biblical truth, and was simple to put into action on our frugal budget while still having a deep impact on the lives and souls of our campers. I would recommend the Parables to any organization looking for an inexpensive, comprehensive curriculum that is deeply rooted in gospel truth!”
Emily McLendon, Administrator
Camp Joy


With multiple craft, game, and explore lab options, Parables VBS is suited to fit any budget size. But what does the curriculum cost?

Clement Arts is offering Parables VBS, including every feature of the curriculum, for $250. There are no add-ons or additional kits to purchase. You get it all for only $250.

The best part is that your church or organization can purchase this VBS curriculum knowing that the funds will stay in Columbus, GA and the surrounding community to support local adoption and foster care.

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Will & Karan Anne Hawk, Curriculum Developers

14CC01-01-250Will Hawk is a pastor at CrossPointe Church in Columbus, GA. He has worked with children, youth, and young adults for over 15 years. Will has a huge heart for camp ministry and the work God does in that environment. He and his wife Karan Anne have three energetic boys and a precious daughter.

Karan Anne Hawk has been Will’s sidekick in ministry for many years and is a weird mix of creative and organized!  She is currently a stay at home mom who puts her Early Childhood degree to use by home schooling her children and leading in the children’s ministry at church.   She is most happy when she can make the gospel come alive to children and teens in tactile ways.

Curriculum Sample Download

Want to sample the fun? Click the following link to download Day One of the Parables VBS curriculum:  Parables-VBS-Day-1-Sampler.pdf (394 downloads)

For a sample song download, click the following link:  Parables-Songs-for-Little-Eyes-01-Parables.mp3 (311 downloads)

You can find more about the Parables music HERE.