Studio Elevare Class Descriptions

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A Note About Age Groups: Age groupings apply for Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet classes. Age groupings for all other classes are only suggested. Dancers may also be placed in classes according to skill level. For class assignment questions, please email

Creative Movement (Ages 3-4)
Designed as an introduction to dance, this class assists the very young dancer in exploring movement through music, creativity and imagination. Introduction of basic ballet vocabulary provides structure, improves coordination, and challenges the memory while creating a love of dance through imaginative games, songs, and storytelling.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 5-6)
This class introduces younger students to basic ballet vocabulary and technique in a structured, yet fun, setting.  Beginning ballet concepts taught include musicality, rhythm, coordination, spatial awareness, class etiquette, and more

Ballet 1 (Ages 7+)
The goal of this class is to impart the fundamentals of classical ballet. This class focuses on proper posture and body alignment, while also building on French terminology and musicality. Class structure and etiquette are also emphasized, and musicality and creativity are explored through both improvisation and structured combinations.

Ballet 2 (Ages 12+)
This class reinforces the basic concepts learned in Ballet 1 while placing great attention and focus on positions of the arms, direction of the body, and increased understanding of ballet technique. Musicality will continue to be emphasized along with the memorization of French vocabulary.

Beginner Tap (Ages 6-8)
This introduction to tap will teach students the fundamentals of tap dance.  Students will engage in fun activities and exercises to develop coordination, sense of time, and rhythm.  Tap terminology and short combinations will be taught during this one hour class that will encourage and grow your aspiring young tapper.


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