Past Families

The Castillo Family

The Castillo Family

We are Nathaniel and Melissa Castillo. We are excited to be on this path to adoption and very much appreciate your assistance along the way! We are both from Southern California, but we currently live in Phenix City, AL. Nathaniel serves in the U.S. Army and is stationed at Fort Benning, GA. I, Melissa, have been a Registered Nurse for the past seven years. We both love our jobs as they allow us to make a difference in people’s lives. A big part of our lives is our faith. Our relationship with God empowers us to live abundant lives full of blessings. We are also big on family relationships. Spending quality time with our loved ones is very important to us. Our loved ones provide a huge support system especially during this time that we are seeking adoption.

During our courtship, we frequently talked about our desire to raise children – both biological and adopted. We each felt a calling toward adoption, God’s tugging at our hearts that this was something we were meant to do. Through prayer and thoughtful consideration, we’ve decided that now is the right time to bring a child into our home. We are thrilled to be adopting to begin our family!

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The Wood Family

The Wood Family

Even before Jesse and Lauren got married, God started whispering the idea of adoption into their hearts individually. When they started dating, it soon became a part of their conversation and prayers. When they got married in 2013, they moved to Columbus and became members of Crosspointe Church, where their love for adoption grew even more! They are Mom and Dad to three-year old Judah. Jesse is the Director of Operations at Chick-fil-A, and Lauren teachers music at Calvary Christian School (and classes and camps with Clement Arts). After years of seeking counsel and prayer, they are currently waiting to be matched in a domestic adoption through a Christian adoption agency based in Georgia! They are incredibly thankful to be walking this journey in such an adoption rich community, and they feel so blessed to be supported by Clement Arts!

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The Sturgeon Family

The Sturgeon Family

Katie and Alex Sturgeon are public school teachers, Highland Tribe members, YoungLifers, and parents to Parker (3) and Fletcher (1). Alex and I (Katie) met on New Year’s Day 2012 and Alex would say he knew I was the one when he saw me poorly attempt to backwards skate that evening. Fast forward a year and some months and we were married at the dear ages of 21 and 22. Even then, adoption was part of our conversations, plans, and prayers. We were surprised with the pregnancy of our first son just seven months into marriage. After Parker’s arrival, we began to seriously discuss adoption and how we would like our family to look. We heard clearly God’s call to adopt but hadn’t heard when. We emailed a few agencies for information but ultimately decided to wait until we heard more from the Lord. While waiting, we lost a sweet baby through miscarriage and then welcomed our second son, Fletcher. Fletch was 6 months old when we felt God saying, “NOW!” We prayerfully began pursuing a domestic adoption through a faith-based agency. We are overwhelmed with JOY and GRATITUDE to be pursuing our littlest love with the support of Clement Arts.

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The Owens Family

The Owens Family

We are Steve, Bethany, Payton, Parker and Porter Owens. God called us to adopt in 2014. On July 20, 2015 we met our sweet son in China. We’ve had the privilege of seeing God transform his orphan heart into one of a beloved son! While in China, Steve felt the Lord telling him we would one day be back for a daughter. Several months later I (Bethany) had a dream of a little girl running around our house playing with our kids. God whispered the name Piper into my heart. We started the adoption process in May for our daughter from China! We have not seen her face yet, but we have faith that God has known her before the beginning!

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The Hamner Family

The Hamner Family

Matthew and I (Caitlin) have been married for 5 years. We’ve always loved children; it’s been such joy to watch family members and friends grow their families with sweet babies. It has always been our hearts’ desire to become parents. After trying for a pretty short period of time when Matt returned home from a deployment to Afghanistan, we became pregnant last year and were so incredibly excited… Unfortunately, that joy was short lived as 8 weeks into the pregnancy the baby’s heart stopped beating. We’ve never felt such devastation in our lives. It’s been over a year since our loss and we have not been successful in getting pregnant again, even with the help of a specialist.

Despite our heartbreak, we know God has the best plan for us and we feel that pursuing adoption is what He wants for us as we continue to trust the Lord for future pregnancies. We have recently been matched with a wonderful woman who has chosen us to be parents to her baby girl! Ellie is due November 7th and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome her into our lives!! God is good!

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The Morrow Family

The Morrow Family

Joe and I (Karen) met 1 month after I moved to Arizona and we knew right away that the reason I moved to Phoenix was for us to meet. When we talked about children I always wanted a big round table with kids from around the world. Joe loved that idea and embraced my dream as his own. Early on we were approached about adopting a little boy from Jamaica, and since we weren’t married I was going to adopt and then Joe was going to adopt once we got married. We were a few days away from going to Jamaica for Christmas when we discovered that we were being scammed. It broke our hearts. We decided that we would take some time to let our hearts heal before we decided what we wanted to do next. In the meantime we were approached about moving from AZ to Omaha, NE and decided that it would be the best thing for our family to move. During the same time we were moving we were planning a wedding. We got married on Valentine’s Day, 2013. While moving and planning a wedding, we were also going through a very difficult time coming to the realization that I would never be able to have children. Soon after we were married we decided that adoption would be how we grew our family and after much praying we decided that we would adopt domestically. At the end of April 2013 we started our home study, and by July 1st we were home study ready and applying to agencies.

On October 1, 2013 we were matched with a birth mom who was pregnant with twins. We met K on October 19th, spent time with her on October 21st while she had a 4D ultrasound, and then flew back to Omaha. It took us a week to process our visit before we blogged that we had been matched. Little did we know that the day we announced that we had been matched would be he same day that the twins were born. Clara and Cooper were 7 weeks early. After 19 days in the NICU and ICPC we got to go home on Thanksgiving 2013. What a thankful day it was! We have maintained communication with the kid’s birth mom over the last few years and have always said that if she were to have another baby we’d adopt again. Not knowing exactly what that looked like or even if it would happen again, we just always kept that in the back of our minds.

Around mid October 2016 I felt God stirring in me and telling me that there are babies that need to be loved. Not knowing what that meant or what He was telling me exactly, I prayed and sought guidance and direction. Around the end of December I told Joe what I felt God was calling us to do and I felt He was leading us to foster care. I asked Joe to join me in praying so we could be on the same page and hoping that God would give him that direction as well. Around mid January, we began talking to our friends who foster to pray with us. We knew God was moving and we thought fostering was what we were being called to do. I kept hearing God telling us He was the Father to the orphans. I got a call to travel for work the first week in February, which was the next time the foster orientation was to be held. I was sad knowing that we would have to wait another month but trusting that was God’s plan.

The week I was gone we got a call from the agency that we adopted Clara and Cooper from. Clara and Cooper’s birth mom is pregnant and they wanted to know if we wanted to adopt. Immediately, I knew in my heart that this was what God was opening my heart for. Not only is their birth mom pregnant, she is pregnant with another set of boy/girl twins. Joe and I talked and immediately said yes to the call. God’s call and God’s plan.

The twins are due June 16th, but with Clara and Cooper being 7 weeks early, we are preparing for an early arrival.

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The Cloy Family

The Cloy Family

cloy-1Mason and Shannon Cloy originally met in Columbia, South Carolina, Shannon’s home town, when Mason’s dad was stationed there with the Army. Years later we reunited while we were both attending Clemson University (Go Tigers!). We dated for a couple years and were married in Clemson in March of 2012. Since then, we have been growing in our love for the Lord, for one another, and in our desire to start and family and raise children.


Adoption and foster care have been a part of our conversations and prayers since before we were married. Shannon’s brother and sister-in-law have adopted, our churches have always been adoption-oriented, and we see a biblical call to be involved in orphan care.  We also feel a great calling to adopt a child into our family because we understand our place as adopted children in the family of God, secured by the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus on our behalf. Even so, we weren’t sure what our future family would look like: we wanted to be involved in adoption or foster care, but kind of assumed we would have biological children first.

After much prayer and consideration, we began trying to get pregnant. But, when that didn’t happen quickly, we understood that as a confirmation of God’s call on us to adopt first.  We are overwhelmed with the mercy, grace, and unconditional love we have received from Christ, and we want to share that love with the child God had planned for us as well as his or her birth parents.

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The Groce Family

The Groce Family

img_6440Our adoption journey began in January 2016 when Taylor and I (Brittany) felt that God was putting it on our hearts to adopt. In the beginning, we both thought of many reasons not to do it. (We were already busy with our 3 children, they’re getting older and more independent, adoption is expensive, and it’s probably gonna be really hard.) Well… for weeks we prayed about it and consulted with others who had already adopted. I kept trying to justify the reasons why we shouldn’t and couldn’t get away from the fact that this was part of God’s plan for our family. I begged God to please give me a peace about this if this is truly what He was putting on our hearts to do.


For weeks I felt very depressed, unhappy, and confused!! I prayed more than I had ever prayed, until God began to show me through people and circumstances that this was what He wanted for our family to do and He gave me a huge peace to go ahead and start the adoption process. We finally started our paperwork in March!! We have seen God work in so many ways throughout this process. It has become so clear to us that this is what He was calling us to do. I never imagined this would be a part of my life, but I am thankful for a God who directs my ways.

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The Fincher Family


Almost ten years ago, we (Paul and Becca) weren’t certain about many things. We were newlyweds, new homeowners, and were both starting fairly new careers. We were excited about our new life together and the future was full of opportunities and dreams. However, one thing was certain…we wanted to be parents. But more specifically, we were both sure that God was calling us, at some point, to the gospel-reflecting ministry of adoption. After struggling with infertility for a few years, and not feeling the freedom during that time to pursue adoption, the Lord blessed us with our first child, Michael. He was, and is, a gift from God. In the time since our Michael was born, we’ve tried to conceive again, but the Lord has not seen fit for us to have another biological child yet. The biggest difference, however, is that we feel more sure than ever that God is calling us to adopt a child and He has given us a greater sense of peace in pursuing growing our family through adoption. In October we received the call that we’d been praying for; a birth mother had chosen our family for her baby. We are so excited about our adoption journey and can’t wait to welcome our new little one in January.


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The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

copeland-family Scott and Heather Copeland met while they were in college. They began dating not long after they met, and they were married within a year on December 3, 2005. Scott is the owner of Affordable Heating and Cooling in Columbus, Georgia. Heather was a high school counselor at Russell County High School and Northside High School, and although she loved her students and occupation, God had other plans. Heather’s heart and dream has always been to stay at home with her children, and she is obedient in following God’s plan for this. The Copeland family members are Scott, Heather, Ridge (4), Creek (3), Lake (2), and Spring (10 mos).

The Copeland children continue to keep Scott and Heather on their toes. Between swimming, bike riding, riding the gator, and playing in the water hose, their life is never boring. Their boys love the outdoors and it is where most of their time is spent! They can’t wait for Spring to be big enough so she can join in on all the activities her brothers love.copeland-family-children

God laid adoption on Scott and Heather’s hearts before they had their four biological children. They struggled with infertility before God opened Heather’s womb for the first time, and in God’s loving kindness, he opened it three more times! God is so good, and his timing is perfect. It has always been their plan to foster to adopt. Scott and Heather began the paper work for it, but God had other plans! Heather started a Bible study at their church in January 2016, and during this time, Heather had been watching Will and Karan Anne Hawk’s adoption journey on Facebook. Her heart was forever changed. God moved in her, and she knew they were called to adopt. At the Bible study, the thought of China never left Heather, and she couldn’t escape it. She knew their daughter was in China, and she later told Scott, and he began to pray for China too. Through much prayer and discussion, they knew God was calling them to China. Now they are waiting and praying for their precious daughter. They know she is out there, and in God’s timing, they will bring her home. The following quote describes their heart for adoption. The gospel is adoption!

God searched for you, found you, fought for you, signed the papers with His blood and He adopted you and brought you Home –and the only way any of us get into the family of God is through the most painful adoption.” -Ann Voscamp. 

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The Hull Family

Hull Family Main

Thad and Christine Hull have been together for about two-and-a-half years, but it has always felt as though they have known each other for a lifetime. As neither of them were particularly invested in the traditional dating scene, they met online and went on their first date after a week of communicating back and forth for several hours at a time. They quickly discovered that they had the same goofy sense of humor, shared several of the same interests, and had similar strong, Christian family backgrounds. They met for dinner followed by an outdoor concert and a walk along the river in downtown Columbus. That first date hasn’t ended yet! They still feel the same thrill for each other and for their lives together as they did the first night they met. A year after that first date, they got married with the support of over 200 of their family members and close friends and began to settle into a new home.

As they began discussing the possibility of starting a family, Christine and Thad had already prayerfully considered Hull Family 3adoption early in their relationship because Thad and his brother were both adopted as infants and Thad and Christine wanted to share that very special kind of love with a child of their own. Christine had also previously experienced the sorrow of infertility due to the ravages of cancer. You can read their entire story on their website at

For Thad and Christine, adoption was their first choice for creating a family. Watching close friends adopt children and raise them to love God and love people has only deepened their desire to be parents through adoption themselves. They both felt completely led by the Lord to pursue adoption even though they had no idea from whence the money, time, or resources would come. They started their blog and website site at Angling4Adoption to help raise not only funds for their own adoption, but to raise awareness and hope for adoptive families everywhere. Their idea was to garner support for adoption through their favorite hobby—bass fishing (through tournaments, outreach, and the like), and through blogging about their journey, telling others about their struggles and their victories. Then they received news from Clement Arts about their wish to support their cause. Thad and Christine are thrilled, humbled, and honored to have been chosen, and they hope to be able to help other families in the future through the relationship between Clement Arts and Angling4Adoption.

Hull Family 2

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The Holland Family

Holland Family

Will and Kaci Holland are from Columbus, GA and have three boys: Wilson (10), Woodruff (8) and Walter (6). Having desired to adopt for years, the Holland’s finally began their adoption journey in July 2015. They are “super excited and scared all at the same time.” The boys talk about having a little sister and “can’t wait to dress her in camo.”

At first unsure if they should adopt domestically or internationally, the Holland’s began to receive clarity from the Lord about pursuing an adoption from China. “Considering that we already have three boys,” says Kaci, “adopting a boy just felt comfortable. But we decided to adopt a girl so our sons could have a sister and we could both have a daughter.”

“We are blessed Clement Arts chose our family as we follow God’s calling to bring home our little girl.”

Holland boys 2

Holland boys









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The Hawk Family

The Hawk's
Will, Karan Anne, Ellis, Thad, & Aimes Hawk

The Hawks are William, Karan Anne, and their three boys Ellis (6), Thad (4), and Aimes (2).

William and Karan Anne met in high school when she was 15 and he was 17. Karan Anne told a friend that Will would be her “dream guy to date” but “DON’T SAY A WORD!” The next day that friend went straight to William and said a word! He called her immediately, and they talked all night until Karan Anne’s dad woke up for work and made the crazy teenagers get off the phone. The following night (after catching up on sleep) they went on a date, and they have been together since.

William has been in youth ministry since he graduated from high school. He is currently on staff as pastor at CrossPointe church. His main focus is with the teenagers and young adults, but he also enjoys teaching Kids’ Church and counseling.

Karan Anne was a teacher for before having Ellis, but now stays home and is living her dream of being a stay-at-home mom. She enjoys decorating and dreaming up fun little projects for her and William to complete together. She also partners with William in a lot of his ministry work because they believe that being an imperfect, Jesus-loving family is an important thing to model in front of the teenagers and young adults.

They recently moved into a house that William spent about a year building and contracting out himself on some land out in the country. They are enjoying their new country life where the boys are continually sweaty, muddy, and sneaking frogs and lizards into the house.

Why Adoption?


Back in high school and college the couple began hearing more and more adoption stories. After watching a particularly moving clip together on YouTube they looked at each other and decided that this was a route they wanted to pursue. At first Karan Anne admits it just seemed so sweet to give an orphan a home and a family. It was more of an emotional decision than God’s calling.

After having kids of their own and maturing in their understanding of the realities of adoption and that it needs to be a call, not just something to make your Christmas cards look like you are a good Christian family they prayed and asked God to confirm this path. God did and they are excited to walk in faith as they pursue a child from China.

Why China?

When their oldest was just a baby they went and met with a person from an adoption agency and asked a ton of questions – lots of naïve questions about adoption. One thing that stuck out most from that meeting was when William asked, “Where is the biggest need? Domestic or international?” The man answered that the need is great everywhere, but if he had to pick he would say that a child in the foster care system here in the states has a much better life than a child in a foster care situation in a foreign country. After hearing that, they new God was calling them to adopt internationally.

When picking a country, William and Karan Anne really wanted to pick somewhere where the Gospel was not easily heard. After doing some research they narrowed it down to India and China.

The Hawks love Lifeline Adoption agency and have seen firsthand how responsible they are with their money and how thorough they are in the country. Lifeline did not have an India program, so China it was!

The Clark Family

Will & Tiffany Clark with children: Adams, Reams, Maggie, Ruby, Grady, & Willa

The Clark family of 5 began its odyssey into adoption nearly 10 years ago and along the way has been blessed with 3 more children, an interim foster baby, a foreign exchange student, and numerous relationships across the world.  It’s been a wonderful ride and we are thrilled to be preparing for our 7th child – our 4th special needs adoption from China.  It has been humbling to see God at work through each of our children, often harkening the arrival of the next child.  Our family is messy, noisy, and overflowing with the grace that only comes from a Savior.

But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.  Micah 7:7

(That is the verse we have chosen for this adoption—and inspiration for the new kiddo’s name: Micah Nathaniel LiuYang Clark, the 7th Clark kid!)

The Carlisle Family

Carlisle new

The Carlisle Family is very excited that a one-year-old little girl, Lilly Wen, will be joining our family late this spring. We are adopting our precious daughter, Lilly Wen, from China’s special needs program. She is currently living in Lifeline’s private foster home in the city of Zhanjiang.

IMG_2290Our adoption journey began in 2007 leading us to bring Ellie Jeeah home from South Korea in 2009. Ellie went home to be with Jesus, but her brief, yet complete, life gave us a better understanding of God’s perfect plan for every life. In 2010, God blessed us with Sara Beth by domestic adoption. We currently have five children at home: Trey(17), Chandler(15), Tucker(13), Cason(8), and Sarah Beth(4).

Since Sarah could talk she insisted she had a sister and that we must go adopt her. After praying, Chance and I also knew God was leading us to another child. We began the adoption process in early 2014. Our adoption journeys have transformed our hearts and given us a deeper faith and trust in Him.

The Greenway Family

The Greenway Family

Greenway Pics-8

Brandon & Ashley Greenway fell in love in high school and married immediately after graduating. They now have been happily married for 12 years. Brandon has been serving in the military since 2002, and they count it a blessing to have been stationed at Fort Benning the entire time. Ashley is a stay-at-home mom who home-schools their amazing, six-year-old biological daughter, Lola.

“From the very beginning of our relationship we started talking about how we both wanted a big family. We both had hearts for children and felt a strong calling to adopt. We have always known that adoption would be a part of God’s plan for us one day. After two years of trying to conceive our second child, we very clearly heard God tell us it was time to adopt. We always thought we would adopt a bit later in our lives, but God has different and better plans! We have experienced such joy in our obedience throughout our adoption journey thus far and are excited to see what else God has planned for our family!”

The Ogden Family

The Ogden Family

Ogden Family

Lance and Kristian live in Columbus, GA with their two sons, Brayden and Asher. God began to give them a heart for the fatherless in 2009, and they began their journey to adopt from India in January 2013. They planned to adopt two little girls, but on Valentines Day 2013, they were surprised to received a referral for three sisters, “K”(6), “K”(5) and “R”(2), who tragically lost their mother in late 2011. Lance and Kristian began the process of adopting these girls, but were devastated when they learned in September 2013 the children had been given to another family, and they were told to “move on”. The whole Ogden family prayed for God to return the girls to them, but that seemed impossible.

Ogden Adoption

However, what is impossible with man is possible with God! In January 2014, the Lord answered the Ogdens’ prayers. The other family rejected the referral for the girls, and India automatically matched “K”, “K” and “R” with the Ogdens.




The Hord Family

The Hord Family


ca-hordsDaniel and Jenny Hord live in Ellerslie, Georgia where Jenny is a stay home mom and Daniel is a lieutenant at the Columbus Fire Department. They have four children, three who were brought home through adoption, Josiah, Ezra, Charlotte Mei, and Mary. They traveled to China in May of 2014 to bring home their daughter, Mary.



The Sullens Family

The Sullens Family


Todd & Nicole Sullens live with their children in Leesburg, GA, where Todd is the pastor of First Baptist Church. In December 2013, the Sullens’ family adopted Molly Grace (above: 2nd from left), who had been placed in their home through foster care. When she came to the Sullens’ home, Molly Grace was deaf and in need of bilateral cochlear implant surgeries. She has since received one of the implants, and when the device was activated in January 2014, she could hear!

From the Sullens family:

“The Sullens family is so grateful for the support and encouragement of Clement Arts. We were blessed by their fundraising and we are quick to tell others how God used you as a conduit of His provision. We are keeping track of how God has moved through the adoption of Molly Grace. One day, we hope to reflect on God’s hand throughout this journey. Clement Arts is composed of people that have hearts tuned into people going through adoption and orphan care. Now we have an extended family with whom we can share this God-sized journey.”

The Maguire Family

The Maguire Family


ca_maguiresKristopher and Allison Maguire married December 2007, and Kate was born in June 2010.  In the spring of 2013, the Maguire’s brought home from China their adopted daughter, Ellie. Kristopher currently teaches math at Hardaway High School, while Allison stays home with Kate & Ellie. God stirred the Maguire’s hearts for adoption early in their marriage and continued to show His love, grace, and faithfulness throughout their adoption process.


The Coker Family

The Coker Family


Craig and Jennifer Coker married in spring of 1998, and have two biological children, Lauren & Mitchell. The Coker’s sensed God’s call and joyfully stepped out in faith and obedience to adopt two sibling boys from DR Congo. Their adoption process began in April of 2012, and after a long wait, Craig & Jennifer brought their sons, Samuel & Chris, home in January 2014.

The Gallatin Family

The Gallatin Family

FullSizeRender (1)

The Gallatin’s are lifelong residence of Harris County. Dewayne and Kristin have 3 biological sons, Zachary (17), Warren (15), and Tucker (12). They are in the process of adopting their little 7-year old cousin, Bailey.

Unfortunately, like many children, Bailey’s life hasn’t been easy to this point.  The Gallatin’s opened their home to her 19 months ago in an effort to give her a Christian home that is a stable and safe home for her to grow up in.

Due to many circumstances surrounding this adoption, the Gallatin’s do not qualify for grants or loans that most families can apply for during the adoption process. The Gallatin’s have put their trust in God to provide their financial needs along the way with many different fundraisers. Clement Arts will be hosting their next fundraiser as a way to help with the mounting legal expenses that they are incurring.

Thanks for your prayers!